Best UK Wedding Videography

A little about us

Hi, we are Keith and Andy. We became friends whilst studying the art and craft of film making at university. The plan was to graduate and then take on Scorsese and Spielberg… That hasn’t quite happened yet, but only because we decided that filming weddings was so much more fun 🙂

The best part of a filming a wedding is seeing people at their happiest surrounded by friends and family. There are not many moments in life that gift such a beautiful spectacle and we always feel fortunate to be a part of it.

All weddings are unique with a different story to tell and this is why we really love to get to know our couples a little beforehand. A wedding is a melting pot of emotions and the last thing you want is for two strangers with cameras to show up on the day. So, It will be amazing to meet up beforehand, or at the very least talk face to face on Skype.

Our approach

We want to tell your story in the most honest and authentic way possible. This means standing back when needed to allow the moments to unfold naturally. Obviously it is impossible to be completely invisible — but why would we want to be?  We love mingling with guests and being a part of your day. It’s not our style to go telling people where to stand or what to do. The best weddings are the ones where everyone is feeling relaxed and enjoying the occasion.

At some point we may ask to take you off somewhere alone for 5 to 10 minutes, along with the photographer, to capture some moments of you both together. Usually we just let you do your thing but we are also happy to make suggestions. We often have a lot of fun with our couples when creating these shots. There will be no awkwardness, this will be a good moment for you to smell the roses a little and take it all in before returning to your guests. However, we’d love to discuss what suits you best beforehand.

It makes us happiest to see you have a laid back, relaxed and enjoyable experience with your friends and family. This way we will have many magical moments to capture and a wonderful story to tell. It is the laughter, the tears, the hugs, the smiles and the words shared between people that truly make a wedding special.

And remember to let us know if you plan on exchanging some words via a card or letter on the morning of your wedding. It is by capturing all the little but significant things like this that we are able to create an emotional story that you will cherish, treasure and reminisce over.

We prefer to tell a story of you wedding as opposed to create a long drawn out 3-5 hour wedding video. We do this through our 20 minute stories, an example of which can be viewed below. In addition to the wedding story, we also offer the option to have your full ceremony and full speeches produced in a real time documentary edit.


Best UK Wedding Videography Kent

This is a picture of me practising with the gildecam a few days before filming a beach wedding. I usually film with this thing all day long – except during the ceremony and speeches – as it allows me to be quick on my feet to capture all the special moments. It is such a satisfying feeling when I manage capture something I know the couple will cherish and appreciate. Since the moment I left school I knew that I want to make films and videos, first going to college and then on to film school to study the art and craft of storytelling and film making. I love how film has the power to move people unlike any other form of media. When I’m not filming or editing I like to play guitar. I’m not great or even good, so don’t expect me to serenade you through the night if your wedding band doesn’t show up. But still, it’s something I enjoy doing.


Best Wedding Videography Kent

I first got interested in being behind the camera when I was a child, I always was leaning out the cat flap filming the Badgers that visited my family’s garden and it even got me onto the children’s TV show  ‘The Really Wild Show‘.

Since that moment i’ve always had a camera in my hand and made films. What I find magical about weddings is the feeling, and speed of the day. We strive to achieve something that would take months for TV or Hollywood. But while still making it fun & relaxed, its a great challenge. Away from the camera (but not completely) I enjoy the countryside and wildlife and you can find me in the woods and hills of Sussex looking an photographing the beauty that surrounds us. I’m also a bit of Rugby fan but I’m sure none of those skills will be needed at your big day!

Ignite Films

So why did we call ourselves ignite films? It came from the idea that film has the the power to help re-ignite a moment. Back in the day before moving image cameras existed or a little bit later when cameras were the size of a house, it was impossible to have your wedding filmed. How cool would it be to see our Victorian era relatives get hitched? To be able to relive that moment, to witness all the goings on between friends and family. This is why we believe that best way to capture a wedding is by telling a story through our narrative style videos. Stories are how we as human beings have evolved to understand the world. Our hope is that our films will help ignite a forgotten moment for people in years to come. In that sense we are actually making time machines… From now on we’ll be know as Marty McFly and Doc.

We have filmed in many different locations including Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Cornwall, Suffolk and even Iceland. Wherever your wedding is taking place, whether it be an international destination wedding film or anywhere in England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland, we will be delighted to make the journey to capture your day.

What we’re still a bit uncertain about is whether people who film weddings nowadays should be called wedding videographers or wedding filmmakers. Wedding videography seems to have a cheesy stigma attached to it. It conjures up images of slow motion kissing scenes and love hearts floating across the screen. Fortunately, the art of telling a wedding story has evolved quite a bit since then. These days, there are so many types of storytellers with a plethora of different styles who can create an amazing memento for you to enjoy and cherish. We like to think our style focuses heavy on the fun and emotion of a wedding. We would really love to work with you to create an amazing recollection of your wedding day.

Wedding Film Price

The wedding film price will of course be very different if it is a destination wedding film or a traditional wedding film. We as wedding filmmakers wont put you in a box which is why we don’t say the total wedding film price until we know all about your special day. Traditional wedding videography has tended to put people in boxes but we strive to make the best bespoke films possible. If you click on ‘Booking Info‘ you can contact us about your special day and create a wedding film that is tailored to your needs and requirements.