Coronavirus Wedding Videography

In the current climate we want to help you stay connected. However it could mean your loved ones who are in the at risk groups might not be able to attend your day. Limits to the amount of people who are allowed to attend may also effect you day along with travel restrictions. We want to help you share your day and have two ideas and options that may help.

Same / Next Day Delivery

Until the virus can be combatted we can film your Service and Speeches and deliver them online the same day. 

Common with wedding elopements we can professionally film your full service and speeches and you can show these to those who can’t attend in person the same day! We can share a link in the afternoon/evening for loved ones to watch your wedding in a live premier. It’s possible to have your speeches and service, uploaded and ready for viewing within 2 hours! It’s filmed with the same standard and care of our normal service with great audio and upto three cameras and your guests will get brilliant HD quality viewing which is captured safely and with long lens cameras.

To enable us to capture this we ask:

  • Ceremonies must be outside and be spacious.
  • Speeches are held in the ‘Australian’ style outside and we are given space to work.
  • Power and a quiet location to work is given to us to edit.
  • Speeches must take place prior to 5pm.
  • No multimedia (music/slideshows) must be used for the speeches.
  • All those who attend must be in a good state of health with no signs of the virus and have followed the government advice if they have had it.

We will cover Kent/East Sussex* for £500 delivered only via a download and a live online premier.

This is a temporary product.

*Travel maybe additional and a strong phone signal must be available at the location or free high speed wifi.

Local Elopements

A local small scale elopement may allow you to either share your day with a small number of friends or just a tiny number of people. Then when this is over you can relive your day and have your wedding film on show.

Filming local elopements you may think is a new thing, but honestly they are not! It’s actually very common across the pond in America and Canada. 

A local elopement could be just the two of you with your two witnesses or a small group of close family. 

The day could start a first look with a beautiful backdrop, so instead of all those eyes watching you down the aisle you’ll be together with a memorable backdrop which you can visit on your future anniversaries. Here we can discreetly capture the wonderful audio as you gasp and share your excitement for the day ahead. 

If you’re having a ceremony we can film it in full whilst keeping our distance, then the rest of the day if yours. The opportunities are limitless! You could picnic in the wild, sail a boat, rock climb, run through a beautiful town all while being filmed. We can take opportunities to film you and suggest locations! One couple even requested to talk to the camera and we used that as the background audio. The options are limitless and it’s an exciting way to share your day with friends and family until the time comes that you can have that massive party. 

In the South East we are blessed to have stunning countryside and quaint towns and cities so this may not have been the wedding you dreamed of but it can be just as memorable and exciting!

Please enquire directly and let’s have a chat  about what you were thinking.

Clients Already Booked / Booking

No changes you however if you purchase the full service or speeches then we will get it to you within the week if requested.

If you need to move the date of your wedding please email us as we are moving all weddings impacted by the virus for free (if we are available) upto December 2021.

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