We are always happy to answer questions and meet up for a chat. Meanwhile, here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

Get to know us

How do I contact you?

If you’re enquiring about availability then your best option is to click here. ⇒

You can also send us a message here:

    Skype us: IgniteFilms

    Call us: +44 (01797) 410704.

    Meet us: High Street, Tenterden, Kent

    Can we meet you?

    Yes please! We would love to meet you. This will help us to get to know each other a little better. Additionally, a meeting will really help us to understand your wishes and desires in order for us to tell a story that is unique and meaningful. We normally meet once you have booked, but we’re also happy to meet prior to your booking. If you’re too far away or short on time, then it will still be great to meet on Skype.

    Please let us know if you are having a church rehearsal. We’d love to attend. Details below.

    Where do your film?

    Almost anywhere! We do charge for accommodation and travel if outside our immediate area. We have filmed across the UK and Europe.

    On The Day

    When do you start filming?

    We normally start filming 90 minutes prior to the ceremony.

    We recommend if we are filming the bride and/or groom preps your both are not further than 15 minutes away from the service location.

    We recommend to be located no further than 20 minutes away from your ceremony location if you wish to have the bridal and/or groomsman preparations filmed.

    It may be a good idea to find a local airbnb as you will have have more space and light for the videographer, make up artist and photographer. However, this is just a suggestion.

    When do you finish filming?

    We don’t set a finish time per se! Why you may ask? It all depends on what’s happening. Sometimes the first dance time can over run or you may be having a special send off etc. Let us know if your having sparklers or fireworks and we will be happy to stay to capture them.

    On average we leave one hour after the first dance is scheduled, but we don’t clock watch and want to make the best film possible.

    Can you use a drone / uva?

    Drone/UVA shots are at an additional cost. We do not fly over guests during the reception and it is illegal to do so for any professional (without written consent from everyone below!)

    Drones have become a massive issue and we recommend you speak to us if they are a must.

    We ask you not let guests fly drones during the day as we fully respect the laws. They can be loud and cause all those intimate parts between you and your loved ones to be disturbed.

    Will my wedding be like a film set?

    No way! We are very careful to be as discreet and respectful as possible. Of course, it’s impossible for to be invisible. However, we use minimal equipment, store our camera bags out of sight and continually communicate with the photographer. First and foremost, this is you wedding and should be enjoyed without interference.

    If you’re in a venue that’s a fair distance from the car, we use a large waterproof case that can be hidden spmewhere discreet and out of sight within the venue.

    We do bring one light that may be used during the speeches and most likely during some of the dancing to add an artistic effect to your film.

    Do you tell us what to do?

    In general, we don’t ask anyone to do anything… However, we do suggest for you to exchange a letter to read in the hours leading up to your ceremony. If you wish to do this, it enables us to encapsulate and time-capsule exactly how your thoughts on your wedding day and thus tell a better story. This is only a suggestion and are happy to do as you wish.

    In the afternoon or evening when we go out for your portrait shots, we will guide you but normally we just ask you to chat to one another and take in the moment. We are happy to make suggestions during this period which generally last 5-10 minutes alongside the photographer.

    In general, we are people watchers, not directors.

    When do we have our couple shots?

    Preferably for 15-20 mins in the golden hour period (1 hour before sunset).

    However this is all dependent on the weather!

    This all varies on the venue, time of year and weather but in high summer this can be after your first dance.

    If you’re up for an epic night time shot (especially at the darker times of year) then please let us know as we can be super creative with light. We normally do this in about 5 minutes at some random point after its dark and while the dance floor is quiet.

    Do you need power?

    No. Its not necessary, we bring all the power we need but if its possible to have a plug for our laptop to backup footage during the wedding breakfast then it helps.

    Who films on the day?

    Its always Keith & Andy.

    Do I need to provide you with food and drink?

    If you wish to supply us with food and drink that is very kind and will be greatly appreciated, but we do not expect this. Please let us know, so we can make our own eating arrangements if needed. It’s great to feel refreshed and we tend to eat on the go. This is due to the fact that while you’re eating we like to film exterior shots of the venue, back-up footage, prepare for the speeches and maybe capture a time-lapse or two.


    Whats the deposit?

    • The deposit is 25% + any travel/accommodation (if required). This is all non-refundable
    • The full balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding.
    • Additional extras and edits can be purchased up-to 14 days* after the cinematic film is received.

    *If available

    How do I pay?

    Once we confirm your booking request we will issue you with an invoice and our payment details.

    How long do your films take to make?

    In 2019 our average dispatch time for the film to be viewed online was 4 – 6 weeks.

    Can we make changes?

    Changes can be made upto 14 days after you have recieved your film. If in the unlikley event you need changes for technical reasons or render errors then we will of course do these free of charge. If however these changes are for any other reasons then they will be chargable.

    Whats the full process?

    • Check our availability and get in touch.
    • We can then discuss your requirements, talk about your venue, and find all about those other little details about your wedding that make them special.
    • Then we  can arrange a meet up to chat over a coffee about your big day, or a phone or skype.
    • Your be sent a booking invoice and deposit.
    • We can meet and see you at your wedding rehearsal if necessary.
    • We are here to help anytime if you need it.

    Before The Day...

    Can you attend our wedding rehearsal?

    If its a church we have not shot at before, we are available and nearby of course we can attend. Its a great excuse to meet the vicar and see how they work. This way we can be as elusive as possible and still get the best shots.

    Registry weddings don’t have rehearsals and at the very least we would like a copy of the order of service if your having one.

    Normally rehearsals happen the night before the wedding so if its a wedding we are travelling too there is a strong possibility of us attending.

    We have booked so whats next?

    • Once you have booked you need to provide us with a few contact details via a online form.
    • If possible lets meet up or just have a chat.
    • 6 weeks prior to the big day fill in our questionnaire.
    • Send us a digital copy of your order of service if you have one.
    • 4-1 week prior lets have a chat on the phone.
    • If we have availability and can visit you we will come to your church rehearsal. (We only need to go if we have not been before)
    • The night before we send a text just to confirm our arrival time.

    Top Tips

    When should we have the speeches?

    If during the wedding breakfast we recommend after the meal or before. Speeches between courses have often caused delays and its much nicer when no ones moving about and plates are being cleared.

    How can we make our day more unique?

    To make it your own why not consider:

    • Your own personal vows.
    • A special poem or reading made about you for the service
    • A special reading that you have chosen from a film, book or song that has meaning for you.
    • The bride or bridsmaids to do a speech.
    • Your first dance song as a tombola.
    • A first look or first touch.

    Do you recommend an unplugged wedding?

    An unplugged wedding is where you ask your guests not to take pictures during the day or during the ceremony. We would reccomend that you look into this by reading this article. If you ask your guests to refrain from taking photos during the service it does allow us to get guests faces and yours. We and the photographer can get much better content than grandma who has an ipad that blocks our and everyones elses view.

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