Our Wedding Videography Journal...

Prizzi & Alec // Preston Court // Wedding Story

Prizzi and Alec’s wedding day was truly unique and unlike anything we’ve witnessed before. Their friends and family played a massive role during the ceremony by playing music, reciting poetry and even conducting the ceremony. It was nice to see people come together to ensure the occasion was a truly special one for the couple. Prizzi and Alec also exchanged heartfelt, funny and honest vows which brought a smile to all their guests faces and made the process of telling their story so much more enjoyable for us. Personal vows are always the one element that make a wedding ceremony special. Not only are they honest and real, but they are also an acknowledgement of the couple’s personal story. It was great to be great to be back at Preston Court, we always feel incredibly fortunate when we get to capture a wedding here.

Puneet & Kirsteen // English Elopement // Canada to Canterbury

Puneet & Kirsteen met us in a coffee shop in Canterbury to bring their English Wedding Elopement dream to reality. The couple from Toronto, Canada had decided that the location where they had both just graduated from was to be the ideal place to be married.

They flew in months later with a small group of family who were also going to Puneet & Kirsteen’s graduation in Canterbury Cathedral.

On the day of the Elopement, we arrived at the house and helped Puneet get ready. After an hour we met up at the location they had chosen for a first look; the stunning Kent Downs. The scene was set for the wedding elopement of the year to begin! Kirsteen set off across the filed and Puneet was looking worried as he did not want to disappoint his wife to be! Of course, he did not and the couple had a moment together as the stunning Puneet smiled from cheek to cheek.

The scene was set for the rest of the day and we filmed the ceremony in Canterbury Registry office. After they headed down for a tea party on top of Whitstable castle and filmed the couple relaxing with the family.

So photos were taken in the gardens and it was our intention to film Puneet & Kirsteen as part of this Canterbury Elopement in the city itself but unfortunately, the weather has changed.

We offered to come back the following day to finish the elopement film in Canterbury city centre and spent 10 minutes asking questions on camera individually. After we had an hour of fun in the city taking some couple shots and seeing the sights.

These guys were incredible and so relaxed, it was a day and a wedding elopement we will never forget.

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Trailer // Annie & Rob // A Woodland Wedding Film

We were excited to capture Rob and Annie’s wedding because it was completely unique as it took place on a private farm. Along with their friends and family, they did an amazing job of clearing out a wooded area and transforming it into a special place to exchange vows. The trees were adorned with fairy lights and the seating area was constructed from logs and wooden beams.

When it comes to capturing a wedding, we try to tell a meaningful story and this was made all the more easier because Rob and Annie had decided to exchange cards in the morning with some special words for each other. In addition to this, one of Annie’s bridesmaid read a beautiful poem entitled ‘The Magic of Love’. Words are so powerful and we always try to use them to help tell the story.

It was also special for us to work alongside Katie from True Blue Ceremonies for the first time. Katie is an independent celebrant and really made the ceremony feel extra special. As friends and family gathered around Rob and Annie in the woodland, Katie told us the story of how the couple first met, how Rob had proposed to Annie, and the reasons why Rob and Annie Love each other before the exchanging of vows.

After the emotion of the ceremony Rob and Annie headed off into the sunshine in the adjacent field to celebrate with loved ones before moving to the Tipi for something to eat and speeches.

We were very fortunate to be working alongside Rebecca Douglas Photography. We took Rob and Annie for a little walk during the day to capture some magical moments of them together. With some photographers we have a very good dynamic and this enables us to capture fun, happy and relaxed moments. Rebecca always does a very good job at putting people at ease and bringing out the fun which is very helpful for us.

The evening celebrations were wild and everyone seemed to be having so much fun. As some guest relaxed outside on what was a warm summer evening, others danced the night away on the dance floor.

It was such a privilege to be able to tell Rob and Annie’s woodland wedding story. They are such warm, relaxed and fun people and made us feel welcome to be a part of their day. It is evident that they have a deep love for each other and we wish them all the best for the future.

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Woodland wedding film
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kent Woodland wedding film
Humanist Wedding Film
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Humanist Wedding Film
Sussex Woodland Wedding
Sussex Woodland Wedding
Woodland Wedding Video
Woodland Wedding film
Woodland Wedding film

Saul & Lucy // The Granary Estates, Suffolk // Highlights

We really enjoyed our trip to The Granary Estate in Suffolk, where surrounded by fields of corn Saul and Lucy were married.

You cant go wrong with a fire pit at a wedding we think! As per usual we travelled up the night before as we like to be nearby if we are not within an hour. We stayed at the old stables and were treated to an amazing breakfast on the morning of the wedding. The night prior we managed to squeeze into the super popular Red Lion. We watched the sun set over a pint of local ale with our photographer friend; Rebecca whilst planning for the wedding ahead.

A Christmas In Rye // Kino Cinema Promotional Film

We really enjoy donating our time alongside Jenny & her team to promote the yearly magical event. The Christmas in Rye film is the last in its current form however we are cooking up something special to hit the cinema screens in 2018. The theme for this film was ‘Tales of Old’. Plans on this years event can be found at www.ChristmasInRye.co.uk

H O L K H A M // B R I D A L I N S P R O

We were asked to produce a short for rock and roll bride that featured in May 2017.

This quirky film really tested us as we wanted to produce a ‘vogue’ style of film. We took our filming influences from the H&M adverts.

A Film By: Ignite Films
Dresses: Rock The Frock Bridal Boutique
Photography: Rebecca Douglas Photography
Makeup: Love Moi
Hair: Flamingo Amy Hair Styling
Set Design & Props : Rock The Day Wedding Styling / Lilika’s Treats / The Little Lending Co
Jewellery: Sophie and Luna
Flowers: Lucky Sew and Sew The Flower Arranger
Models: Elika Ashoori, Jenni Bloom, Emily Woodward, Ben Woodward
With thanks to: he Control Tower (old North Creake Airfield)