The Blazing Donkey, Kent
Astrid & Theo
June 2019

The Blazing Donkey in Sandwich is not normally known for its unicorns but at this wedding it was standard! Astrid and Theo really made the day their own with zebras and giraffes on stilts, smoke bombs and a “real life” unicorn! It was one of the hottest days of the year and the groomsmen were certainly hiding in the shade prior to the big moment. After the arrival of Astrid, a massive festival party took place on the same weekend as Glastonbury.

Location:  The Blazing Donkey, Sandwich, Kent
Preps: Goss Hall, Sandwich, Kent
Style: Festival, Country, Circus

Instagram Edit

I woke up on the morning after Theo and Astrid’s wedding wondering if I’d had dreamed the whole thing. How many weddings feature a unicorn, a giraffe and zebra? The whole day was filled with craziness and surprises giving a true festival vibe, and we loved it! ? ? ? ?‍♀️ ? ? ?
Thanks to: @blazingdonkeyham